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As someone who has been deeply involved with Cuban heavy metal  and was already familiar with some of the extraordinary twists and turns in the story that Luz’s film tells, I had some trepidation whether any documentary could do it justice. Upon seeing the first rough cut, that trepidation vanished. Luz has the outlines of amazing, amazing film. Her footage is gorgeous and shockingly vibrant. It captures the looks, the feels, the sounds and even the smells of Havana. The way she shoots her characters brings them to life on screen, and their easy rapport with the camera is a testament to the intimacy and trust she’s built with them. While the film can potentially tell an important story about just how far that 90-mile expanse between Cuba and the United States really is and how rock ’n roll can bridge that divide, it’s also a deeply human story about  young people desperate for a better life but also grappling with the fear of leaving behind everything that they know and love. - David Peisner

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Escape vocalist Yando Coy with Director Tracey Noelle Luz

Note from the Director:

When I left for Havana in July of 2009 to film "THEY WILL BE HEARD", I thought I would spend maybe three months with the band and complete something that would work as a resume to show my capability as a story teller behind the camera. Fast forward to March of 2020, where I serendipitously made  flight arrangements to go to Miami to do fin